Saturday, June 5, 2010

Threads of Life..........

One of my internet friends lost her husband last week.  That made me think of another blog I had written and thought I would share that blog with you.  In a way, it pertains to my two friends that have lost a loved one.

Here's my former blog:

Entry for December 01, 2007

The Guy --- The Rug -- The Thread --

I remember learning that the Bible says to "cry when someone is born and to rejoice when they die". I didn't understand that when I was a kid. Shoot, I can't really remember when I finally did understand. But, I am pretty sure that I do understand the real meaning now.

When you're born, you have a lifetime of mixed emotions to contend with, when you die, your lifetime is over. No more emotions for you. Just peace. Remember, you aren't the only one "born", everyone is "born" and have their own road to travel.

Sometimes, some lifetimes merge, get mixed in like a weaved rug, or just as a small piece of thread that is not weaved into the rug, but still, a part of the rug. That's me, the thread.

My friend's dad died yesterday. He always treated me so good, such a nice "guy". I was invited to birthday, anniversary, and holiday events. He and his wife had been married 50 years and Donnie and I went to that event. We had so much fun. He had such an extended family and always made everyone feel so welcomed. He will be missed by so many and remembered by everyone that ever met him.

Goodby, Guy, till we meet again.

I knew I wasn't a blood relative, but felt like part of the family, anyway. Like I said, I am the thread.

Toujours Moi,


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  1. Very nice blog, Claudette. We are like the treads in a woven rug within our families & our communities. Thanks for sharing.

    John G. West